How are Shinn's Taekwondo classes like?

No two classes are exactly the same.  However all classes start with short warm up, as short as 5 minutes, as long as 15 minutes which include conditioning drills, depending on the objective of that particular class.  Then little bit of stretching and basic hand techniques and stretch kicks.  During the basics, instructor encourages and monitors students for good stances and proper forms without dwelling on it.  Next, students usually partner up for target kick training of basic kicks and combinations or in groups for forms training depending on the day. The last part is usually dynamic combinations or sparring or individual work on perfecting techniques in forms, sparring or self defense moves.

In junior classes, more emphasis is on learning moves and forms to facilitate better brain development, especially in beginners class.  In Teen and adult classes, more emphasis is on kicks and technical combinations for more physical workout.  Usually everyone will leave class sweating and safisfied.