How Does Taekwondo Help Me(or my child) Improve Discipline?

Discipline is a learned trait. One learns discipline from practicing certain pattern of behavior.  Taekwondo taught at Shinn's in Lansing area as well as other traditional martial arts (Karate, Hapkido for example) is very effective method to learn discipline. First, environment of respect, self-respect and respect for others, help foster pattern of self-discipline.  Short term goal of learning new skills or improving techniques requires repetition which builds discipline in a person.  Medium term goal of earning a new belt drives motivated student to practice, practice and practice which strengthens discipline even further.  Long term goal of Black Belt help a student persevere through rigorous training which might be tough to handle if one is not disciplined.  This process is done in gradually increased difficulty to train the body and mind to be able to accomplish conditioning and feats that may have seemed impossible at first.  All of this process is made easier by seeing and feeling progress and enjoying the art.

For children, they learn respectful attitude by being immersed in our class.  Respect "rubs" off of others.  Taekwondo class is fun, energetic environment where everyone is expected to work hard every class.  Children gets used to working hard and this translates to noticeable and tangible accomplishments which increases self confidence and satisfaction.  This increased self esteem and experience of success brings about an attitude that anything is possible with hard work and disciplined approach.  In another word, a child has confidence to tackle any goal and discipline to accomplish it.  That child will have success in his future.