Jennifer Kivela

Through the years, I have been to many Taekwondo classes in the Lansing area, not a student, but as a proud adult supporting a child. At some gyms in the area, I have been put off by the values that are being taught in these classes. Bravado and aggression are not things that I want taught to my loved ones. The values that were taught by Master Shinn aligned with my beliefs and the values that I want my loved ones to learn. They learned patience, team work, perseverance and acceptance of all ability levels. They are encouraged to work hard, to study and to be good citizens. There is no elitism. They do not trying to get you to spend more money daily. Kids really do have to earn their belts and do well on the testing. In other gyms, it seems like belts are given because the parent has spent enough money. I highly recommend Shinn's Taekwondo.

Douglas S 

It has been many years since practicing Martial Arts, decided years back that I would enroll my Son into Taekwondo.  After watching his study, I found myself getting very interested.  Master Shinn shows great experience in teaching both youth and adults alike.  He is very knowledgeable in the art and is able to teach with patience.  He genuinely cares for his students and in return creates a positive learning environment.  If you want to grow in the martial arts and are willing to give your best to learn, Shinn's Taekwondo Academy is the place.

Kathleen Cudney 

Master Shinn and his other instructor's are awesome! I personally studied at Shinn's when there was a location and I loved it!! I highly recommend Shinn's to everyone looking to learn Taekwondo!! Best way that I have seen Taekwondo taught and I have reviewed other places. Hands down so far... Shinn's is the best!!‬ 

John B 

Olympic coach and life teacher in Master Shinn. I was at Shinns tkd for over 10 years. Received my black belt after 6. Most amazing teacher I have had in any subject ever. Calm, knowledgeable and experienced he can take you as far as you want, just have to work hard. Has experience in Judo, boxing, and Kumdo as well. Master Shinn truly loves Tae Kwon Do and so will you.



Shinn's Tae Kwon Do is definitely the best program in the Okemos area. I particularly like the fact that from day one, a white-belt student has the opportunity to train with black-belt students. This is unique to Shinn's school. Also, Shinn's program challenges students while offering good opportunities to advance to higher belts: students are encouraged to participate in tournaments. Shinn's school has its own annual tournament "Great Lakes Cup" that is ranked among the best in the Great Lakes area. 

One last comment about the program is its quality/cost combination. At Shinn's, one really feels like the program is worth the money. While in other schools I attended one pays thousands of dollars for a 30-minute session (of which 5 to 10 minutes are consumed by advertising), Shinn's sessions are 45 minutes for Junior and a full hour for adults (no annoying commercials). Master Shinn does not "time" the session to the second like do other schools...That really makes feel like you are getting your money worth!

Also, last but not least, the exercise that the program provides is a great way to lose weight! Some people have recently testified losing up to 16 pounds! I would recommend this program to anyone!!l