Great Lakes Cup Championships

Shinns Taekwondo Tournament
Saturday, May 16, 2020 - 9:30am

Chippewa School

4000 Okemos Road, Okemos, Michigan 48864

Join us for 25th annual Great Lakes Cup, Michgan's premier taekwondo competition in Forms(Poomsae), Breaking and Sparring(Kyorugi).  You will experience very organized competitor-friendly system of competition format where your divisions are posted and judging is fair.  You will love our tournament!

We also added Soft Sword Sparring(SSS) this year to showcase one of the exciting new Hanmadang events.


Pre-Registration Only - Pre-Registraton deadline is May 6 Postmark or May 9 Online.   Online late-registration deadline is May 12 with $10 late fee.

Register Online

Fees(Until May 9) - $80 for 1 event, $90 for 2 events, and $100 for 3 or 4 events. Maximum of 4 events per person.



Breaking(B) --- Upto 3 stations allowed.  Set up and break within 60 seconds.  Start and finish within the ring. Two(2) tries allowed on each target.

                     9 years and younger: 3/8 inches thick demo board

                     10 - 17 years:  1/2 inches thick demo board

                     18 years and older: 3/4 inch pine board

           Competitors may choose non-standard thickness board for higher level of difficulty techniques.


Poomsae(IP) --- Any taekwondo or tangsoodo form allowed.  Double elimination bracketed format for 12 & up Black Belts. All others will use Single elimination bracketed format. 

Team Poomsae (TP) ---    Done  in 8 by 8 ring(26ft by 26ft)

Team Form will be judged with score cards. Depending on number of teams entered, divisions will be grouped by rank(BB/Color Belt) and/or family status(Family Team or non-Family Team). Winning teams will be awarded trophy or Cup.


Sparring(S) --- Modified WT/USAT sparring rule will be used. Daedo Truescore electronic system will be used for all Black Belts, Advanced(1-3 gup), Intermediates(4-6 gup) divisions, and Novices, ages 8 and up. Daedo socks will be available onsite to rent($10) or purchase($65).  7 years and younger will use non-Daedo electronic scoring system and thus need to bring own hogu(chest guard) and do not need Daedo socks.

     Head Kick allowed for 8 years and older Black Belts and 12 and older color belts.

     3 points for head kick, 2 points for body kick, 2 extra technical points turning kick.  1 point for body punch.

     Two(2) one minute rounds with 30 seconds rest for everyone except for 15-17 & 18-32 yrs. Black Belts(Three one minute rounds)

     Double elimination(True 2nd place) after semis for Black Belts 15-17 and 18-32.

Soft Sword Sparring(SSS):  A match consists of seven(7) engagement rounds. The greatest number of rounds won is the winner. Each round end at a scoring strike or the stop in action by the contestants. The tartget areas are the head, torso, arms, and legs.

Age Divisions --- 5 & under, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-32, 33-40, 41 & over.

Rank Divisions --- Novice (7th gup - 10th gup).  Typically white, yellow, orange & green belts 

                               Intermediate (4th gup - 6th gup).   Green and Blue Belts

                               Advanced (1st gup -3rd gup). Brown and Red Belts. Bodans (Black/Red)  may either compete in Advanced or Black Belt Division

                               Black Belts

Divisions may be combined or further divided to minimize mismatches or provide opportunities for competition.



Adult and Junior (17 and under) competitor participating in two or more events and winning two or more first places will win 5-foot trophy.  In case of tie, more weight will be given to sparring, forms, and then breaking in that order.  Tournament director will make the final decision if tie persists.


Registration: Online pre-registration or Downloadable Forms(PDF) (DOC)


Schedule of Events:

9:00 am to Noon   Check in (Check in at least 30 minutes before your first event)

9:30 am   -   Judges Meeting

10:00 am  -  Team Poomsae(TP)

10:15 am  -  Breaking(B)

11:00 am  -  Individual Poomsae(IP)

11:45 am -  Soft Sword Sparring(SSS)


1:00 pm  -  Sparring(S)  -- If your match number is #1-#5, you should report to your ring with safety gear on by 12:45pm as we start on time or sooner.


Tournament T-Shirts

Pre-order --- $15 ($20 at the tournament in limited quantities), $3 extra for XXL. 


Sizes available are: Ch-S(6-8), Ch-M(10-12), Ch-L(14-16), Adult S,M,L,XL, XXL.



Holiday Inn Express & Suites - 

2209 University Park Dr

Okemos, MI 48864



Tournament Headquarters:

Shinn's Taekwondo Academy

2189 W. Grand River Ave. Suite 2, Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: 517-347-9062

FAX: 517-347-9062(Call before FAXing)


Questions and Inquiries: