Shinn Mu Kwan Taekwondo Championship

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Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 9:00am

Chippewa Middle School Gymnasium 4000 Okemos Road, Okemos, MI, 48864

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Pre-Registration Only

Pre-registration deadline is October 5 postmark.
Online pre-registration deadline is  October 7.
Online late registration deadline is October 10 with $15 late fee.


  • Sparring, Breaking, Forms and Synchronized Forms
    • 1 or 2 Event $70
    • 3 or 4 Events  $85
  • Tiger Tots/Little Ninja --- Blocking Set and Breaking Events Only
    • 1 or 2 Events $40
    • 4 and 5 year olds sparring pays regular registration fee of $70/$85


  • Novice (7 Gup & Up)
  • Intermediate(4-6 Gup)
  • Advanced (1-3 Gup)
  • Black Belt
  • Tiger Tots/Little Ninja

Schedule of Events:

9:00 am  to Noon -    Pre-Registrant check in starts
9:30 am - Tiger Tots Blocking Sets/Breaking
10:00 am - Judges Meeting
10:15 am - Breaking Competition
11:00 am - Forms Competition
12:30 pm - Sparring Competition

Competition Rules


Upto 3 stations allowed. Unlimited number of boards(That you can break in 60 seconds).
Set up and break within 60 seconds.
Start and finish within the ring.
Two(2) tries allowed on each target.


Any Taekwondo or Tang Soo Do form allowed.

Single elimination bracketed format for all color belts and 11 and under Black Belts.

Double elimination bracked format for Black Belts 12 years and older.

Synchronized Form will be judged with score cards. Depending on number of teams entered, divisions will be grouped by rank(BB/Color Belt) and/or family status(Family Team or non-Family Team). Winning teams will be awarded trophy or Cup.



Modified WTF/USAT sparring rules.

Black belt and advanced(1-3 gup) sparring competitors ages 8 years and older will be using Daedo True Score Electronic System. E-Footgear may be purchased or rented at the tournament.

Black Belts 15-32 divisions will be run using "True second place double elimination" system after semifinals, guaranteeing two matches.
Head kick is allowed for 8 years and older black belts and 12 and older color belts.
3 points head kick.
2 points for body kick

1 point body punch. 1 additional points for turning kick to body.
Two(2) one minute rounds with 30 seconds rest for everyone except for:
15-32 yr. black belts(Three one minute rounds).


How big are the divisions?

Usually 4 per division, as big as 8 and as small as 2.

How late does this tournament go to? Really.

On average, we finish by 4 pm. 

How big is the tournament?

Last four ShinnMuKwans average around 190. With using Daedo system we had more black belts last couple years, such that we usually have 2-3 weight divisions for adult black belts sparring.

How fair are the judges?

We usually assign no more than 2 judges from each school in each ring to minimize bias and appearance of bias. While there's always one or two people that complain no matter what, we have received many compliments and feedbacks in the past about the fairness of the judges and the system/organization of our tournaments.

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